DataRoad Reflect

Simple and Powerful Data Integration

What is DataRoad Reflect?

  • Reflect is a Modern Data Movement Platform

  • Does Reflect do ETL?

  •   Yes, Reflect has full ETL capability
  •   Reflect automates the generation of ETL mappings potentially saving thousands of hours
  •   Reflect also provides an elegant interface to build powerful SQL driven mappings

  • Does Reflect run on Cloud or On Premise?

  •   Both, Reflect can run locally or in the Cloud

  • Does Reflect support connections to modern data platforms?

  •   Check out our growing list of Connectors


Our innovative solutions accelerate your use of data. Learn how we automate much of today’s data architecture work.

DataRoad Reflect

DataRoad Reflect is a Modern Data Movement Platform. Reflect automates the most common tasks in data integration allowing end-users rapid access to their data and enables developers to focus on SQL based transformations for complex tasks.

  • + Automates the most common data integration tasks
  • + Enables SQL driven mappings for complex scenarios
  • + Scalable agent-based architecture
  • + Seamless support for modern data platforms



Automates Data Pipelines

Create an automated process that loads staging data into target systems with Zero coding required.

Empower Data Self-Service

Zero coding interfaces allow end users and non-ETL developers access to move data into analytic sandboxes and other reporting environments. Eliminates the need for costly ongoing data requests from IT and ETL developers.

Load Data to Hadoop/Hive

Move data from any data source to any Hadoop HDFS file(s), and make those files available to HIVE or other SQL on Hadoop interfaces.

Zero Coding (Point and Click)

Web based UI allows, non-developer users to create, run and schedule data movement from any accessible data source to any accessible target.

Automate Integration Processes

Build automated integration process from data staging to the final datamodel. Using a combination of staging mapping and custom SQL mappings with workflow, users can create a full source to target ETL framework.

Load Data from Datastore to Datastore

Move data from any supported Datastore to any other supported Datastore.

Supported Connections

Collect data from any Datastore, Transfrom and Load it across the Enterprise

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